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Compressor Savers

Give your AC system a boost

The 5-2-1 Compressor Saver acts like a surge protector for your air conditioning system and saves electricity.

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Home Energy Audits

Roadmap to cutting costs

An Energy Audit from Home Energy Consultants provides a roadmap to improvements that will save the most energy.

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Go Geothermal

Most Efficient Cooling

The most efficient way to cool or heat a home is with a geothermal system using the free renewable energy from the ground.

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Why Insulate?

Air Leaks Waste Energy

Air leaks waste energy and can account for nearly half of all heating and cooling costs in a home. The most significant result of air leakage may be increased energy costs.

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Seal the Attic

A house has to breathe!

Air leakage occurs when outside air enters a house uncontrollably through cracks and openings, which decreases your homes energy efficiency and takes money out of your pocket.

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Go Green

The Greener Way to Save “Green”

Geothermal heating and cooler is a domestic green energy resource. Find out how it can keep your money in your pocket.

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Replacing Windows

Can your windows save you money?

Magnetic Magnetite Windows can save you 25-50% on your energy bills! If you are looking to replace your windows consider this budget friendly option for energy bill reduction.

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Decode Comfort

Never Pay High Energy Bills Again

Many homeowners are aware of how inefficient their homes are when it comes to energy usage. So how do they fix it? Not by guessing. Read more to find out how to Decode Comfort and save on rising energy bills.

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Building Your Dream Home

What makes the “Built Green” difference?

If you have ever imagined yourself in your own custom home… a home that uniquely fits your family and lifestyle, Built Green Custom Homes can make that new Home dream come true while keeping you energy efficient in all areas of your home.

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